We offer on-line payment via MECOnet system for the following products and services.

  • MECOnet events registration fees A) and
  • MECOnet regular payments B)

Select your service A) or B).
Read the prices of your service.
Keep the code of your payment.
Read how to use on-line payment form C).
Fill in and submit the on-line payment D).

A) MECOnet events registration fees.

8th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing * MECO'2019 *
10-14 June 2019, Hotel BUDVA ****

Early registration for MECO and ECYPS , till 10.05.2019:

  • Full, 360EUR, REG CODE: REG1-FE
  • Student, 250 EUR, REG CODE: REG1-SE
  • Passive participant, 160EUR, REG CODE: REG1-PE
  • Extra page charge (>4): 50EUR per page for Full and 30EUR per page for students

Late registration for MECO and ECYPS , after 10.05.2019:

  • Full, 400EUR, REG CODE: REG1-FL
  • Student, 290 EUR, REG CODE: REG1-SL
  • Passive participant, 170EUR, REG CODE: REG1-PL
  • Extra page charge (>4): 50EUR per page for Full and 30EUR per page for students

Registration for advanced Training in High Performance Embedded Systems Registration (HPEST), till 10.04.2019:

  • Regular, 350EUR, REG CODE: REG2-HPEST

Regular registration for Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things - CPS&IoT’2019, till 10.05.2019:

  • Full, 500 EUR, REG CODE: REG3-FR
  • Student, 400 EUR, REG CODE: REG3-SR
  • Presenter, 350 EUR, REG CODE: REG3-PR

Late registration for Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things - CPS&IoT’2019, after 10.05.2019:

  • Full, 550 EUR, REG CODE: REG3-FL
  • Student, 450 EUR, REG CODE: REG3-SL
  • Presenter, 400 EUR, REG CODE: REG3-PL

Registration for project or company presentation/dissemination

  • 350 EUR, REG CODE: REG4-PR

Registration for Works in Progress Session


Managed Registration



  • Traditional (returning) participants have a discount of 5%, 10% and 15%, depending on how many times they participated at MECO events ,>=1, >=3, >=5.
  • If the author wants to present two papers, then for the second one has 40% discount.
  • The group of the participants could ask organisers for discount as well as students from developing countries.

B) MECOnet regular payments.

For purpose of MECOnet products and service payment different than events.

C) How to use MECOnet online payment (Pls read before payment).

General terms:

  • Please do not repeat your payment, before you receive an official confirmation that your payment is processed.
  • We will inform you in the next 24 hours whether your payment was successful or not.
  • For urgent issues you can contact us via mecoconference.me@gmial.com or +38269873498.
  • PLEASE BE WARNED: The amount on your slip will be 4% higher than the fee itself because of the bank fee for online payment
  • ATTENTION: Don't use symbols #!@$%^&*()+=<>?;':"\/ in paper number, participant name, institution and address or reference fields, for security reasons only latin alphanumeric characters and -,_. are allowed.

MECO and ECYPS registration payment

  1. 1) If your amount fits to some of the above, given in A), then put the personal data and the net amount. In the Reference field put the string: Registration code + paper number, ie: REG1-FE p23 , or REG3-FR etc…
  2. 2) If you have extra pages, discount or you managed the amount with organiser then in Reference field write a code you received from organiser by informative invoice as example #358, ie. REG6-MNG I358.

Name (required) : John Smith
Institution and country (optional) : Bristol University, UK
Email (required) : john.smith@gmail.com
Amount (€) : 360
Reference: REG1-FE p23

D) MECOnet on-line payment form.

Please do not forget to put REAL amount instead of default field value of 1.00 €

After you type in your details you will be redirected to the secured payment page of CKB Bank - Member of OTP Group for checkout procedure.

*Please note that MECO 2019 organizers do not store any of your card information.